Dick Cheney- Corporate Criminal

Groups that filed suit for Cheney records happy with ruling

Washington-AP -- Judicial Watch's president says the Bush administration has simply bought more time, in the battle over keeping some records secret.

The Supreme Court has ruled the administration doesn't have to reveal details of Vice President Cheney's energy task force meetings. But the court rejected Cheney's request to shut down the case.

Judicial Watch and the Sierra Club had each sued, demanding that the records be made public.

A Sierra Club lawyer says the ruling was a win for the two groups, since it denied Cheney's request.

Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton (FIH'-tihn) says the administration's argument that secret meetings are necessary for the president to get good advice is ridiculous. He says no court in the land will agree that the administration can use executive privilege to keep details of meetings with private citizens secret.

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