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DOD Audits: Halliburton Overcharges Top $212 Million

Overcharges Identified and Costs Questioned
Under Halliburton's Iraq Oil Contract

Last month, Rep. Waxman disclosed that Defense Department auditors found $108 million in fuel-related overcharges by Halliburton for work in Iraq under Task Order 5, one of several Halliburton task orders for the importation of fuel into Iraq (LINK). Rep. Waxman also revealed that although Halliburton was paid in significant part from Iraqi oil proceeds in the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI), the Administration — acting at Halliburton’s request — concealed these overcharges from the international auditors charged by the United Nations with monitoring the expenditures from the DFI (LINK).

The Committee on Government Reform's National Security Subcommittee recently obtained additional audits of Halliburton's Iraqi oil reconstruction work under Task Orders 5 through 10 that show that that both the amount of Halliburton's overcharges and the extent of the information withheld from the auditors at the International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB) are much greater than previously known.

In these new reports, DCAA auditors identify overcharges and question costs of $212.3 million, doubling the total amount of known overcharges under Halliburton's Iraq oil contract. In one case, the overcharges exceeded 47% of the total value of the task order. The reports reveal that, as with the withholding of the Task Order 5 audit, extensive additional information has been withheld by the Administration from the IAMB. A review of these audits shows that references to overcharges and other questioned costs were blacked out over 450 times in the versions of audits sent to the IAMB.

In a letter sent today to National Security Subcommittee Chairman Shays, Rep. Waxman renewed his request that the Subcommittee hold hearings on the Administration's mismanagement of the Development Fund for Iraq.

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