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Protestors Disrupt Halliburton Meeting
— 16 Arrested, Dozen Trampled By Horses, Say Activists —

HOUSTON — The annual Halliburton shareholders meeting in Houston was interrupted last Wednesday morning by a group of about 300 protestors from around Texas. Twelves activists were said to have gained access to the meeting; four women and 12 men were arrested.
The protestors, marching with puppets and signs to the Four Seasons Hotel, were confronted by over 30 Houston police officers on horseback and a number of undercover cops on foot with others in uniform. Barricades were erected the night prior.
The Houston-based company, the world’s largest oil-field contractor, has been criticized over the last several years for fraud as government regulators examine allegations of overbilling. Thousands of Halliburton employees and subcontractors work in Iraq.
Of the 12 activists who found their way inside the hotel, four were escorted out by hotel security and police. The rest were detained. The Houston Chronicle reported that those who sneaked into the hotel wore business attire. Outside, a person dressed like Vice President Dick Cheney (a former Halliburton CEO) reportedly flashed people as activists played a samba and danced.
“Andrea Buffa and Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange got inside meeting and directly questioned Halliburton CEO David Lesar. Prathap Chatterjee of Corp-Watch had a private five-minute meeting with him which ended in vague assurances,” said the Indymedia report posted anonymously.
“Outside, things began heating up with pushing, cops on horses and arrests. Some concerns have been raised about cruelty to the horses. The horses trampled several people. Police used pain compliance on occupation inside hotel.”
The crowd from last year’s protest was larger than this year’s, but last Wednesday’s protest was more aggressive, said police.
Officers were said to have given protesters orders to stay off the streets and behind blockades. Television and personal video footage taken of the event that day shows that the police on horseback rammed into the protests who were on foot holding signs and yelling, “Shame on you!”
The protesters arrested and taken to city jail were charged with evading arrest, trespassing, assaulting officers, and assaulting a police horse.
According to Houston Indymedia, those protesters who were arrested inside the hotel were Herb Rothschild, David Graeve, Katie Heim, Ellie Shenker, Maureen Haver, Diane Wilson, Jonathan Kresha and Kendle Greenlee. Those arrested outside included David Solnit, an anonymous male, James Foley, Baku, David Martinez, Andy Peterson, Rolando Maya, Chris McMullen. Two Indymedia videographers, Baku and David Martinez, were arrested while shooting video. Martinez was dragged by his neck by an officer.
In a prepared statement, Halliburton representatives said, “Halliburton supports the rights of protesters. Even if they don’t have the facts right, they have a right to speak up.”
The media were not allowed inside the shareholders meeting and subsequent protest.
During the meeting, shareholders elected directors and approved retaining the company’s auditor. The company currently has a contract to provide meals, shelter, and other support to the troops.
Another contract is being drawn up to rebuild southern Iraq’s oil industry, while plans to sell or spin off the company’s subsidiary KBR is in the works.

— Details of this story were taken from reports on Houston Indymedia (www.houston.indymedia.org) and the Houston Chronicle.

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