Dick Cheney- Corporate Criminal


it felt good to say "GO FUCK YOURSELF" to Dick Cheney today

so i was driving to my house on 2nd Street in Gulport when the MP's would let me cross a barricade that is literally 100feet or so from my house...they told me i would have to take another route which was about an extra 20 minutes of driving....gas is really hard to come by so i was extremely aggravated then suddently a long line of dark cars pulls up and they start honking at me to backup to let the long line of cars through the barricade that supposedly no one can drive through...well that pissed me off so i flipped them off....i drove the extra 20 minutes and finally got back to my house filming video of the destruction along the way....i overheard a neighbor say that Dick Cheney was down the street talking to people...she was talking to 2 police officers at the time and so I asked them if me and my friend could go down and see what was going on....they said we could go....we grabbed my digital rebel and my videocamera and started walking....and then right in front of the tennis court i used to play on Dick Cheney was giving a speech talking to the press...the secret service guys patted us down and waved the wands over us and then let us pass....i was standing about 10 feet away from him and so i took a picture and then i yelled "Mr. Cheney Go Fuck Yourself....Go Fuck YOURSELF....Go Fuck Yourself...you asshole" at which point i noticed everyone was about to tackle me so i walked away back to my house....my friend videotaped a little bit longer and tehn he came back to the house...we were loading the things we could and about 10 minutes or so later some MP's waving M-16's showed up at my house...they said they were looking for someone who fit my description who had cursed at the VP....i told them it was me and they put me in handcuffs and 'detained' me for about 20 minutes or so and then released me after getting all my contact info....they said i had NOT broken any laws so i was free to go....

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