Dick Cheney- Corporate Criminal


Fans toss out boos at Cheney

Newsday Staff Writers
April 12, 2006

The boos that met Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday as he tossed out the first ball for the Washington Nationals' home opener against the New York Mets may reflect a greater discontent with his off-diamond performance than his pitching form.

Cheney walked onto the field flanked by three veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the soldiers' support failed to lift Cheney's ratings - or his pitch - which was more a grounder than a fastball.

It reached catcher Brian Schneider after a bounce.

While there were some cheers from the crowd, the chorus of dissatisfaction comes as polls show Americans giving a collective thumbs-down to Cheney's and President George W. Bush's performance during their second term in office.

Cheney met Marine Cpl. Jamel Daniels of New York City, Army Spc. Javier Torres of Queens and Staff Sgt. Derek L. Drew of Goldsboro, N.C., for the first time yesterday before walking onto the field. All three were awarded the Purple Heart for combat injuries.

Daniels was injured on a routine patrol in Iraq while deployed with the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Marine Division.

Torres, an infantryman from Queens, was wounded during a foot patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan, while serving with the 508th Airborne, 173rd Airborne Division.

Drew was injured on a peace-keeping mission north of Baghdad while serving with the 4th Battalion, 1st Field Artillery.

The three were honored as part of a program by the Nationals called "America Supports You."

Daniels was wounded by an improvised explosive device that struck the Humvee he was riding in, killing some of his colleagues. Now, he walks with the help of a prosthetic leg.

Previously, he told the Wilmington (N.C.) Star News that the vision of a plane flying into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, inspired him to enlist. He said, "Every day I open my eyes I count my blessings to be here."

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