Dick Cheney- Corporate Criminal


Dick Cheney Makes a Rattle Snake Look Honorable


The depth of cynicism, calculated betrayal of our troops, and dishonesty in the Bush Administration is lower than Death Valley.

It now turns out that at the same time that Dick Cheney and the Republicans in Congress (along with the GOP mainstream media) were virulently attacking Democratic senators for calling for a troop redeployment -- well, it turns out that the Administration and the Pentagon were officially "planning" just that. In short, if people who have advocated saving our troops by exiting Iraq are traitors, then the Bush Administration was covertly planning "traitorous" acts.

According to "Stars and Stripes":

The head of U.S. forces in Iraq has created a plan to reduce the number of U.S. brigades in that country from 14 to about 5 by the end of 2007, according to the New York Times.

In the same time period, the number of U.S. bases in Iraq would also shrink from 69 to 11, the newspaper reported Sunday.

Citing unnamed sources, the newspaper reported that Gen. George Casey, commander of Multi-National Force-Iraq, discussed his plan last week in a classified briefing at the Pentagon.

There's no way that Casey was "freelancing" his "plan." So that means Cheney and Bush knew about it and authorized it, while they were unleashing their attack dogs to vilify the Democratic Senators for promoting a tame version of a redeployment resolution.

That is hypocrisy and playing with our soldiers lives. It is beyond forgivable.

It is a double whammy when you consider that the Bush Administration has clearly been encouraging -- despite what they officially say -- the puppet Iraqi "Green Zone" government to offer amnesty to people who have slain American GIs. Whatever one thinks of the plan, it is hypocrisy for the Bush Administration to talk about how our GIs are barbarically killed -- and this is why we can never "give up" in Iraq -- while promoting amnesty for the very killers whom they are using to justify a continued war.

How do we know that the Bush Administration is behind the amnesty for killing American soldiers idea?

Well, when a resolution came up in the Senate last week to oppose the idea of giving amnesty to fighters who had killed American GIs, the only senators who voted for amnesty were hardcore Busheviks. And we mean hardcore, as in Lott, Coburn, Cornyn and Graham. So 19 Republicans voted for amnesty for killers of American GIs while denouncing Democratic Senators as proposing a "surrender" in Iraq.

It is hard to imagine being more dishonest, hypocritical, and despicable than the Bush Republicans.

They betray our troops, and betray our nation.

They are as dishonest as a philandering preacher.

Our soldiers deserve to be honored and respected, not to be used as pawns in a White House effort to maintain one-party control of the United States.


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