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Don’t Bother to Send in the Clowns: They are Already Here

Submitted by BuzzFlash on Tue, 10/17/2006 - 7:08am. Editorials

BuzzFlash recently ran a series of commentaries on the contempt that the Busheviks have for democracy.

We traced this back to the "masters of the universe" outlook of the Kissinger era, in which Cheney and Rumsfeld were molded. It also can be attributed to the Straussian school of thought that influenced so many Neo-Cons.

In both cases, the basic attitude of the Busheviks is that democracy is too important to be left to the voters. In short, democracy isn’t worth a damn unless you own it and predetermine the outcome of an election.

That is why Bush is openly considering "changing" the so-called "democratically-elected" regime in Iraq. That is why Kissinger declared that the issues in Chile were too important to be left to the voters in the ‘70s. That is why Antonin Scalia led the theft of the 2000 presidency by declaring that if all the votes were counted it might sully the reputation of Bush, because -- it follows -- that if all the votes had been counted, Bush would have lost.

As we pointed out in our editorial series, Straussians believe that it is fully justified – and even necessary – to deceive the masses in order to achieve goals that only the "masters of the universe" can fully understand. In short, it is arrogant elitism, not the ideals of our founding fathers, that underlies the political theater of the Busheviks.

This is, of course, a betrayal of our Constitution, our tenets of democracy, and of the ideals of the American Revolution. That is enough to make one both rage and weep at the same time.

What is even more galling and unacceptable, however, is that these particular self-styled "masters of the universe" are utter failures. They are like the clowns that used to endlessly emerge out of a small Volkswagen Beetle.

They have succeeded at virtually nothing but failure.

Then they use their latest failure to justify the next failure.

If any of these clowns had to do a yearly job review based on the goals that they stated that they were going to achieve, they would be summarily fired.

The lack of accountability for "masters of the universe" is dumbfounding in a nation that prides itself on productivity, defined outcomes, service and delivering a successful product to the consumer.

On all these accounts of what supposedly makes America a financial powerhouse, this administration has failed on a level of governmental and foreign policy implementation.

And it hasn’t just failed in a run of the mill way; it has failed spectacularly.

Just yesterday, Cheney told a captive audience of soldiers in Kentucky that our military is building "bonds of friendship" with average Iraqis and winning the war.

A short while back, the Washington Post reported on a poll that indicated 60% of Iraqis support insurgent attacks on U.S. GIs! It also published a story that indicated polls showed that the vast majority of Iraqis wanted the American military to leave the country. Now, that’s a spectacular failure. The majority of people we are supposed to be liberating are essentially in support of killing our own soldiers.

But Cheney, born of the era of Kissinger’s worldview of rule by the elite, will not bother acknowledging the truth.

Better to spoon feed the masses reassuring pablum than to save the lives of our Gis, the Iraqis and billions upon billions of dollars that could be used for the common good of Americans.

Don’t bother sending in the clowns to the White House.

They are already there.

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