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Fox mocks 'S.O.B.' Cheney's eviction from 'prime' office

Published: Thursday January 4, 2007

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), who will be elevated today as Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives, has "evicted" Vice President Dick Cheney from the Capitol Building, and Fox News Channel correspondents had a few laughs about it.

Cheney has long occupied an office suite on the second floor of the Capitol Building in his constitutional post as President of the Senate. The office is prime Capitol real estate, and traditionally reserved for the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Rangel reportedly lobbied quickly with incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi to occupy the office after the Democrats achieved a majority in the House of Representatives, according to a New York Post article in November. The article further suggested that Rangel was seeking to one-up the vice president, with whom he has had a conflictual relationship in the past. In a testy exchange over Cheney's perception of Rangel's understanding of economics, Rangel said to the Post, "He's such a real son of a bitch, he just enjoys a confrontation."

With the 110th Congress sworn in, Cheney has now left the office to Rangel. Cheney's staff apparently stated that the vice president always understood that the office was "on loan."

On this morning's Fox and Friends, Judge Andrew Napolitano mimicked how the distinctively, raspy-voiced Democrat may have sounded when he asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"Can I have that office, Nancy?" Napolitano said in his best imitation of Rangel.

Another Fox commentator asked Napolitano if he did any "other voices" such as the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn.

The Fox News clip, based on a story in this morning's New York Post can be viewed below.

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